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Collide (2016)

Collide Blu-ray delivers stunning video and audio in this enjoyable Blu-ray release

A backpacker from the U.S. gets involved with a ring of drug smugglers as their driver, though he winds up on the run from his employers across Munich's high-speed freeways.

For more about Collide and the Collide Blu-ray release, see Collide Blu-ray Review published by Martin Liebman on May 29, 2017 where this Blu-ray release scored 3.0 out of 5.

Director: Eran Creevy
Writers: F. Scott Frazier, Eran Creevy
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins, Clemens Schick, Marwan Kenzari
Producer: Rory Aitken