Batman The Complete Animated Series HD VUDU

Batman The Complete Animated Series HD VUDU

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Batman: The Complete Animated Series (1992-1998)

Screenshots from Batman - The Complete Animated Series Blu-ray

All 109 episodes (Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures) of the critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning series that redefined the Dark Knight with its thematic sophistication, aesthetics, voice acting, and orchestral score, have been remastered for the first time since their broadcast airing and are now all here in this 12-disc Blu-ray set, which also includes a Digital version.

Directors: Boyd Kirkland, Dan Riba, Kevin Altieri, Frank Paur, Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski
Writers: Paul Dini, Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson, Howard Chaykin, Archie Goodwin
Starring: Kevin Conroy, Bob Hastings, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Robert Costanzo, Marilu Henner, Neil Ross
Producers: Alan Burnett, Benjamin Melniker, Eric Radomski, Tom Ruegger, Bruce Timm, Michael E. Uslan